Eclipse Plugin

Using the Eclipse Plugin with Codenvy

The Codenvy plugin for Eclipse allows you to code from the comfort of your Eclipse workspace with all the functionality and shortcuts you’ve come to love.



Version 3.3 Now Available

Posted on Dec 09,2014 BY Stevan Le Meur

Codenvy version 3.3 has been released into production, featuring 192 new resolved issues and a significantly faster Docker container run and load speed.

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Codenvy + Docker Microservices = Developer Supercomputer

Posted on Dec 05,2014 BY Tyler Jewell

Codenvy is the worlds first microservices based IDE it allows developers to push the limits of their machines and creates a cloud based supercomputer.

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4-Steps to Docker-Based Build Environments

Posted on Dec 04,2014 BY Eugene Ivantsov

See how easy it is to build a totally custom build environment for any language in 4 steps with Docker and Codenvy.

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Creating an eXo Factory Using Codenvy and Docker

Posted on Dec 03,2014 BY Eric Taïeb Walch

See how eXo built a Codenvy Factory to on-boarding committers to their open-source project in one-click.

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Rocket is a Rocket for … Docker

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 3.05.00 PM
Posted on Dec 02,2014 BY Tyler Jewell

Here's our response to CoreOS and Pivotal's announcement of the joint effort named Rocket, an open source initiative to build a container standard.

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